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This Page I will answer questions that I have gotten...


Let the Investigation Begin




1. Why did you take off your music videos?


A. I took off my music videos because I applied on YouTube for a Director's Account. This means anything I do not have the rights to I cannot use. My Resident Evil ones I could have kept but I didn't ask for the use of the Music so it would only have video and that really isn't a music video now is it.





2. Can you post your Music Videos on the net?


A. No because I do not feel that it is right to post them. Also I feel that it is time to move up from mature films to actually publishing them.





3. Do you help people make films or do you film special occasions.


A. Yes I do help people with films and I also film special Occasions. It usually costs people for the DVDs and material only meaning like fake blood or visual effects ect.





4. How do I contact you?


A. You can contact me via email or a messaging system. My email is RPD.STARS.UNIT@GMAIL.COM. My AIM is re survivors 1st. My MSN is





5. Can I submit short films to Phil's Shorts?


A. Yes, You got to contact me and let me view it a week ahead of time so that I can edit swears out of it if there are any. Also there cannot be any sex scenes or nudity on the short because that will be edited out and will state Technical Difficulties. It will only be on those scenes though and will turn off when they pass. You will not hear anything-just see the warning picture during that scene.





6. I live far away but can you help me with videos?


A. Yes I can edit your raw footage for you and add in things like effects and graphics like gunshot flashes ect. Also If you want me in the films or want to use part of my films I can send you the part you want or use a blue-screen or green-screen to add me into your video just make sure you leave the space and say where you want me.

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