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About My Films and Me

Welcome Snow

About my films and cast

My films vary in many different ways some are spoofs, some are like actual films with complex plots, some are advertisements, and then some are just video logs of me talking to a webcam.


Now for my cast

Most of my old cast were friends, family, and co-workers from the local cable company I interned at Senior year. A lot of people don't want me posting their names on the net so it will be hidden in nicknames or just in the credits for the feature.


My cast of September 2006 on will now include college friends and students in the acting and theater department  from my college.

My equipment consists of....

* Bolex 16mm reversal black and white tri-x 100 roll

* Panasonic GS-180 Mini-DV

* Sony DCR-HC21 Mini-DV

* Underwater Mini-DV Camcorder case

* Green Screen

* Blue Screen

* 4 wireless Lavaliere mics

* Super-cardiovascular Boom Mic

* 3 500 watt lighting kits

* Stedicam



The Bentley Bros are who got me to get a site like this

This site is the APPP Myspace

Here are the Bentley' page also since they also make films

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